What is a Distribution Panel

What is a Distribution Panel

What is a Distribution Panel

The Distribution Panel is the location, also called a electrical panel, box, and several other names, where all the wiring from the house begins. There are breakers or fuses found in this box. 

When a distribution box has defects in the wiring, it can be dangerous. These photos show a breaker in a distribution panel that has a wire disconnected. The legend states it belongs to the dining room, kitchen lights, living room lights, and outside lights.

Wires that are disconnected or loose in an electrical panel are one of the electrical issues that can cause electricity to travel in air gaps, leading to other catastrophic problems, such as electrocution. The loose electric wires also make an electric current pass through small or few strands of wiring, interfering with the electricity supply to the breaker.

Do you see the breaker wtih the yellow label on it? That is a GFCI breaker. GFCI breakers are required for any room that has water in it. So the kitchen, bathroom(s), and laundry rooms. This distribution box only has one GFCI breaker and it is for only one of the bathrooms. This is a defect in the distribution panel. 

These are hazards that needs to be evaluated immediately by a certified electrician.

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